When Ofsted call by @janbaker97

Name: Jan Baker
Twitter name: @janbaker97
Sector: Secondary
Subject taught (if applicable): MFL
Position: Curriculum Leader
What is your advice about? When Ofsted call

  1. Data is king so make sure you have the progress data on your classes available in a file for easy reference. Set this up at the beginning of the year & update it regularly,
  2. Try and annotate seating plans with focus group students e.g. SEND students so the inspectors can identify them without interrupting the lesson to ask. Do this in advance.
  3. It’s worth having something in the data file so inspectors can follow what’s happening in the lesson and where it fits overall. Make things easy for the Inspector to find!
  4. Don’t try anything risky and new. Stick to routines and look at what’s under your control rather than stressing about things you can’t alter. Being organised reduces stress!
  5. Do try and get some sleep – staying up til 1am re-planning lessons will just mean you will be too tired to teach effectively the following day.

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