Break duty by @ramtopsgrum

Name: Graham Hartland
Twitter name: @ramtopsgrum
Sector: Secondary
Subject taught (if applicable): Biology
Position: Head of department
What is your advice about? Break duty

  1. Are you on a rota? Find out when and where and put the time and place in your diary. Be on time: some schools allow duty teachers to dismiss classes a couple of minutes early.
  2. Wander around the school during a free or breaktime: where would you go if you were a child who needed quiet, away from the eyes of officialdom? Is there a duty person there?
  3. Calm. Neutral expression. Don’t get distracted. Keep your ears open to the noise around you. Don’t be afraid to move towards potential trouble.
  4. Show students how to pick up litter. Invite a few to help you. Challenge those who cause it in the first place.
  5. Know where other staff are in case of an incident. Keep pen and paper to hand to note names.

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