First term by @teachingofsci

Name: Ian Horsewell
Twitter name: @teachingofsci
Sector: Secondary
Subject taught (if applicable): Science/Physics
Position: Teacher trainer
What is your advice about? First term

  1. Make templates, not one-offs. Create resources you can reuse for several lessons in a week/fortnight to save time and test it thoroughly.
  2. Learn from the best in the school, not just your dept. Observe experts at behaviour, those who use practical tasks particularly well, those who create great resources.
  3. Make good links with support staff – admin, repro, technicians – because they can make your life much easier. Or harder!
  4. Keep track of your marking time and make sure colleagues know if the school policy is taking you an unrealistic number of hours.
  5. Get decent sleep, eat proper food, and do something active you enjoy. If you burn out from neglecting yourself nobody wins.

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