Challenge for most able students by @teacherwithbike

Name: TeacherWithBike
Twitter name: @teacherwithbike
Sector: Secondary
Subject taught (if applicable): English
Position: Teacher
What is your advice about? Challenge for most able students

  1. Continue to build your academic subject knowledge. This enables you to answer questions, ask better questions, and suggest further reading. Model being knowledgeable.
  2. Have confidence (based on subject knowledge) to say you don’t know if you don’t know – no student appreciates BS. Model the learning process (& get them to look stuff up too).
  3. Build bank of related reading/resources for all topics you teach – the most interested & motivated students often enjoy this additional challenge & it’s good for discussions.
  4. Don’t make most able students trudge through most basic activities/content if you know they know it. Direct them to well thought-out higher level learning.
  5. Keep the focus on learning process & deploying knowledge well, not on grades. Once the brightest students hit the highest grades, they need to know they can keep going!

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