Learning theories in lessons by @ramtopsgrum

This topic was suggested by a reader. The author has interpreted the title to mean “learning theories in lessons”. If you would like to write a blogpost on “learning theories in lessons”, please submit it at the usual place.

Name: Graham Hartland
Twitter name: @ramtopsgrum
Sector: Secondary
Subject taught (if applicable): Biology
Position: Head of department
What is your advice about? Learning theories in lessons

  1. Find out what students currently understand about topic: “why does…… happen”
  2. Then, as students volunteer information, write ideas and words on board, non judgementally.
  3. Next, go through the words and ideas, fitting them into observations. Those that work, stay, otherwise delete.
  4. Then, add to the surviving words any extra words which help explain theory , then resequence whole to form coherent story.
  5. Finally, students to write own paragraph, using coherently structured key words on board.

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