Punishments in Primary School by Anonymous

Sector: Early Years,Primary
Subject taught (if applicable): All
Position: Assistant Head
What is your advice about? Punishments in Primary School

  1. Scolding. Probably the number one punishment used – whether we realise it or not. Try to limit the amount of stuff you say – if only to save yourself some time.
  2. Silence. Sometimes, silently staring at a kid, rather than beginning an interrogation immediately can be more effective than scolding. Resist the urge to talk.
  3. Sarcasm. A bad idea. If you say the opposite of what you mean, you usually also imply that the kid/s are idiots. Sarcasm tends to turn your irritation into spitefulness.
  4. Playtime. Take away playtime in one minute increments.
  5. Practise. Break down whatever it is that kids keep getting punished for and teach them how to behave better. Treat it like a subject.

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