Pushing the most able by @pdonald81

Name: Paul Donald
Twitter name: @pdonald81
Sector: Secondary
Subject taught (if applicable): History/English
Position: Deputy Head
What is your advice about? Pushing the most able

  1. Know your subject really well. It’ll help with all kids and make you feel secure.
  2. Expect them to read a lot and make it substantial and challenging e.g undergrad stuff for really bright A Level kids.
  3. When you read their work, make sure they really know what they’re saying. Sometimes they write well which covers a lack of knowledge.
  4. Get them to consider the merits of arguments they don’t automatically agree with. This will challenge them to really understand how to deconstruct an argument.
  5. Do give praise, but always leave the most able students feeling like they need to impress you more.

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