Reflecting on practice by @mistermarci

Name: Mister Marci
Twitter name: @mistermarci
Sector: Primary
Subject taught (if applicable): Anything/Everything
Position: Teacher/SLT
What is your advice about? Reflecting on practice

  1. Record: Find a notebook, preferably handwritten, and choose a pen you enjoy writing with. Write down initial thoughts on lessons/events/days/theory.
  2. Read: Write until you have exhausted the inner monologue natter: serve the unconscious mind. Then stop. When ready, sit back and read back your unconscious ramblings.
  3. Edit: Make the page bleed: take a red pen (other colours are available) and cross out; filter; add; adapt any – or all – of it. Then read it back.
  4. Focus: Select an area that stands out. Did certain elements or techniques work? Have you identified one area of your practice that you can minimise and make more effective?
  5. Repeat: Ideally daily. Make it part of your ritual. You don’t have to blog or share it, but thousands see value in doing so.

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