Planning IB/A Level History by @Carlnewman9526

Name: Carl Newman
Twitter name: @Carlnewman9526
Sector: Secondary
Subject taught (if applicable): History
Position: Teacher
What is your advice about? Planning IB/A Level History

  1. Look at past exam questions when you are planning a series of lesson and pick one to shape those lessons around.
  2. Find a historian’s quote that offers a view on the issue in the question. Re-draft the question to put that quote in – this encourages some historiography
  3. Start by giving the overview: tell anecdotes, introduce interesting characters, make the story remembrance. Focus on chronology – dates are pegs that they can hang things on
  4. Now get them to think more analyticall by getting them to look for evidence to support the importance of certain factors/ explanations. Discuss/ debate in class -poke holes
  5. Now have them try a more challenging text eg a chapter from the leading academic historian. This will be easier if they have built up knowledge already but help them with this

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