Pushing more able students by @ramtopsgrum

Name: Graham Hartland
Twitter name: @ramtopsgrum
Sector: Secondary
Subject taught (if applicable): Biology
Position: Head of department
What is your advice about? Pushing more able students

  1. Get them to talk. Set questions like “why is it easier to trace female ancestry rather than male ancestry over the last 100 000 years”. Allow left field answers.
  2. Be a geek, a boffin, a nerd. Answer, within reason, any question relevant to subject. Model ‘good answers’; show off your knowledge.
  3. Research. Read. Where are the controversies? Risks? Benefits? If we can do something, then should we? Why? Allow students to argue.
  4. Think long term so that practicals are seamless with lessons: it’s almost like it’s been planned… respect the class, don’t be random.
  5. Get students to reflect and self-evaluate. Model this: allow successful students to tell others what they do.

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