Your First Term by @Miss_Toppin

Name: Miss Toppin
Twitter name: @Miss_Toppin
Sector: Secondary
Subject taught (if applicable): English
Position: Teacher
What is your advice about? Your First Term

  1. This term is going to teach your students how to treat you; imagine a student writing an ongoing report i.e. can’t kiss teeth but can raise voice, 30m for missed homework etc.
  2. Establish and maintain classroom routines; ESPECIALLY when you get tired (almost burn out) in late November.
  3. Follow the behaviour policy to the letter, imbibe it, quote it, use it! Be consistent! It will save you from doubt, confusion and your students will really appreciate it.
  4. Find a friend – you will need one. There will be at least one person in there who cares about you and wants to listen to you talk…seek them out!
  5. Do not: work crazy hours, volunteer for everything, be rude to any support staff, stay in your room all day, pretend you can manage the marking, miss breaks and not have fun!

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