How to teach music by @iQuirky_Teacher

Name: Quirky Teacher
Twitter name: @iQuirky_Teacher
Sector: Primary
Subject taught (if applicable): Everything, especially music
Position: Teacher and subject coordinator
What is your advice about? How to teach music

  1. Remember that music lessons need to include combinations of: music theory, how to play a tuned instrument/sing, music appreciation, music history and performance skills
  2. Speak with your music coordinator who should direct you to some decent resources, help you plan and let you know which instrument/choral skills you should be teaching
  3. ‘Experimentation’ is only allowed in KS1. In KS2, ‘creativity’ involves call and response, improvisation; you need to teach the whole class instrument skills and music theory.
  4. When teaching an instrument, use a process of no-nonsense explanation, demonstration and then children to practice until successful. Test frequently and apply in ensemble.
  5. Children love hearing/learning about Classical music and other genres, eg Blues. Avoid teaching only ‘relevant’ music such as ‘pop’, or co-opting lessons for PSHE purposes.

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