Tackling/ways into Shakespeare by @Elinfa

Name: Elin Smith
Twitter name: @Elinfa
Sector: Secondary
Subject taught (if applicable): English
Position: Head of Dept.
What is your advice about? Tackling/ways into Shakespeare

  1. Download a Shaespearean Insult Generator page- lots of fun and allows pupils to own the language before studying the play.
  2. Use Rob Brydon’s YouTube clip on how we have absorbed Shakespearean quotes into today’s language.
  3. Get pupils to research the play’s plot prior to reading- this allows them a handle on the storyline so that they have less to contend with when tackling language and meaning.
  4. Get them out at the front to read and perform key scenes and hot- seat!
  5. Set up an ongoing blog with thought- provoking questions on characters’ motives for them to answer as homework- the learning becomes social and discursive.

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