Teaching biology by @ramtopsgrum

Name: Graham Hartland
Twitter name: @ramtopsgrum
Sector: Secondary
Subject taught (if applicable): Biology
Position: Head of department
What is your advice about? Teaching biology

  1. Read. Read read read read read. And then read some more. Rummage in decent second hand bookshops for more reading.
  2. Fill your drawers with Lego, puppets, paperclips, insulated wire, plastic cars, blutak, dice, string, Velcro…. Anything to use as a model to help explain stuff.
  3. Get out and take photographs of interesting things. Get a moth trap, pond dipping net, bird table, dog. Photograph what gets caught.
  4. Always ask yourself ‘why’ and come up with an answer for when the students ask ‘why’
  5. Biology is the interplay of history, geography, English, maths, drama, art, chemistry, physics, RS, PSHE, MFL, PE, geology. So read those too. (See advice point 1)

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