Writing reports by @Gwenelope

Name: Gwen Nelson
Twitter name: @Gwenelope
Sector: FE
Subject taught (if applicable): A-Level English courses
Position: FE Lecturer
What is your advice about? Writing reports

  1. Draft your reports on a Word (or similar) document, because as sure as night follows day, whatever software system your school uses, something will go wrong with it.
  2. On said Word document, draft generic excellent, good, ok, and ‘troublesome student’ reports which you can edit to suit individual students. Proof read for literacy errors.
  3. When editing generic reports, take great care with student names AND the relevant gender pronouns
  4. If your school does not have tick box targets, generate a bank of targets that you can then tweak for individual students.
  5. Even with those kind of short-cuts, reports always take longer than you think, so start them sooner than you want to.

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