Writing reports by @AFosterTeach

Name: Andrew Foster
Twitter name: @AFosterTeach
Sector: Secondary
Subject taught (if applicable): History/Tougher Minds
Position: Head of Performance and Learning, Colfe’s School
What is your advice about? Writing reports

  1. Allot an appropriate, finite amount of time for the task. Divide this by the number of pupils and stick to this time per pupil.
  2. Write your reports shortly after completing the marking of the work of that class, preferably a piece that gives a broad view of their understanding of your subject.
  3. Google “tabata timer”. Use one of the many apps or online versions to stick to your timings (or at least to see how far off you are).
  4. Always include positives, *always*. If you want to change behaviour, you need to build rapport with both pupil and parent..
  5. The bulk of the report might read like this: “In order for *pupil name* to improve in *aspect of subject*, they should *simple, practical HABIT*”. No habit, no likely change.

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