Personal Statements by @pjmerrell

Name: PJ Merrell
Twitter name: @pjmerrell
Sector: Secondary
Subject taught (if applicable): English
Position: Head of Sixth
What is your advice about? Personal Statements

  1. Under no circumstances should the phrase “I have always wished to study …” appear. Your students are not child prodigies …
  2. Do not allow your charges to quote Einstein, Mandela or the Oxford English Dictionary.
  3. There will be an assumption that anything they say they’ve read, watched or studied they have actually … you know … read, watched or studied …
  4. 70% academic and 30% extra-curricular is a good guide. Unless they’re Oxbridge. Then they don’t care about extra-curricular. At all.
  5. Hardly anywhere interviews now. Personal statements really, really, REALLY matter. Proofread over and over again.

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