Instructional Routines by @davidwees

Name: David Wees
Twitter name: @davidwees
Sector: Early Years,Primary,Secondary,Special school
Subject taught (if applicable): Math
Position: Formative Assessment Specialist
What is your advice about? Instructional Routines

  1. Establish instructional routines for teaching math.
  2. Use one of these instructional routines everyday until you and your become completely fluent in the steps of the routine.
  3. Use routines other people have invented already and ideally ones which you have experienced directly yourself. There’s no reason to re-invent teaching everyday.
  4. Make sure that the routines offer you opportunities every time you use them to see how your students understand the math that day.
  5. Once you and your students become fluent in the steps, test different decisions within the routine and see what happens. Find a colleague to talk about this work with you.

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