UCAS References by @RequireImprove

Name: Requires Improvement
Twitter name: @RequireImprove
Sector: Secondary
Subject taught (if applicable): Phyiscs
Position: Teacher & 6th form tutor
What is your advice about? UCAS References

  1. Get as much done in summer term, year 12 as you can. The deadlines in autumn come up very quickly, especially for Oxbridge & Medicine.
  2. Don’t over-inflate predictions (rounding up to the next grade is usually OK). There’s no point a student getting an offer that they have no chance of meeting.
  3. If year 11/12 grades are below expectations, try to explain what went wrong and what the student has done about this.
  4. One big reason unis are interested in extra-curriculars is that they show “spare capacity” beyond school/college work. If that is caring for families, that’s good to mention.
  5. Showing an interest in the subject beyond lessons is good, independent interest is even better. Facilitating student-run activities will help applicants a lot.

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