Job application preparation by @ShropshireSBM

Name: Hayley Dunn
Twitter name: @ShropshireSBM
Sector: Primary
Subject taught (if applicable):
Position: Finance Director
What is your advice about? Job application preparation

  1. Make sure that you visit the school for a tour, ideally in advance of drafting your application form; and ask pertinent questions about the school, staff, pupils, families, etc learn as much as you can. Often there will be a date on the job advert for opportunities to view the school, if there isn’t ask for one.
  2. The personal statement part of the application form is your opportunity to showcase you, pay this particular attention.
  3. Always ask someone else to proof read your application form.
  4. Outline in your application why you want to work for this particular school and this particular role.
  5. A recruitment process is a two way thing, check your values are aligned. It is as much about you working out if the school is definitely one that you want to work for, as it is about them finding out if you are the best person for them.

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