Behaviour, their first impressions by @AntSchmitt

Name: Anthony Smith
Twitter name: @AntSchmitt
Sector: Secondary
Subject taught (if applicable): English
Position: 2nd in Dept
What is your advice about? Behaviour, their first impressions.

  1. Children, as we all do, will make a judgement about what kind of teacher you will be within the first few moments of watching you in the classroom.
  2. Nearly all children change their behavaiour as a result of who they preceive you to be, if you seem strict, they’ll assume you are, and then behave better.
  3. If kids are uncertain about what kind of teacher you are, a few will test you with challenging behaviour; to see if you’ll do what they can’t: exercise control.
  4. Be very aware of how you feel when a child challenges you, children can be keenly aware of teachers’ feelings and use them to manipulate, control and provoke.
  5. Acknowledge, praise and reward: they’re different actions with different effects, make sure you understand and use them appropriately.

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