Emails by @ladybarkbark

Name: Sarah Barker
Twitter name: @ladybarkbark
Sector: Secondary
Subject taught (if applicable): English
Position: Head of Faculty
What is your advice about? Emails

  1. Read your emails. It’s easy to miss a deadline by letting emails sit unattended.
  2. Think before sending whole-staff emails because these can quickly swamp inboxes. The finance department do not need to know that Sammie has left his pencil-case in the library.
  3. Leave your computer locked. The resident comedian will not be beyond a hijack (and your emails may contain sensitive information).
  4. Don’t be sarcastic, rude or mean about anybody in an email. If you do need to mention another member of staff, it’s polite to CC that person in.
  5. As a new teacher, it’s important to recognise that staff may have relatives among the student population. Keep this in mind when you are emailing about the children.

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