The importance of routine by @MissSayers1

Name: The Passionately Boring Teacher
Twitter name: @MissSayers1
Sector: Secondary
Subject taught (if applicable): Humanities
Position: Teacher
What is your advice about? The importance of routine

  1. There is nothing wrong with starting every lesson in the same way; routine minimises cognitive load and allows all pupils to enter your lesson knowing that they will get something ‘correct’ within minutes of entering your classroom.
  2. Introduce one routine at a time. Just like the pupils, you need to manage your cognitive load. Once you’ve introduced and embedded one routine to the point where it becomes the norm, you can introduce others.
  3. Make sure that every routine you introduce has a clear and logical purpose; do pupils need to write “Classwork” at the top of their work is that just something or you think teachers should do?
  4. Create routines which minimise teacher input into administrative tasks, such as finding pens or books.
  5. Use the time you gain wisely; routines allow you to be the expert in the classroom rather than a secretary. The time you save can be used to gather feedback or live mark books, reducing your workload outside of the classroom.

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