When you become a Literacy Coordinator by @davowillz

Name: David Williams
Twitter name: @davowillz
Sector: Secondary
Subject taught (if applicable): English
Position: KS4 Coordinator English
What is your advice about? When you become a Literacy Coordinator

  1. Read a lot and visit a lot of schools. Be highly suspicious of government advice/resources/frameworks; they will often waste your time for no real benefit.
  2. Remember any piece of bureaucracy (including audits) you ask teachers to complete may lower standards and reduce wellbeing for little gain. Always question what the opportunity cost of such activities is and whether it is really worth it.
  3. Define simply what whole school literacy means in the context of your school. Promote simple strategies for improvement and never, ever shoehorn.
  4. Invite parents of targeted children in for a coffee evening and explain how you intend to help their child. If you get them on board with helping in the right way, your pupils will fly.
  5. Stick to you guns: SLT may ignore your advice and even do the opposite of what your knowledge and expertise tells you is the right thing to do. Be calm and patient; they will learn.

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