Using mini white boards by @cjshore

Name: Chris Shore
Twitter name: @cjshore
Sector: Secondary
Subject taught (if applicable): Maths
Position: Director of Maths
What is your advice about? Using mini white boards

  1. Check you have enough boards, working pens and erasers before the lesson. Note: tissues make fine erasers if you are short.
  2. Check the boards are clean and free from swear words etc. This can be done as you give them out.
  3. Establish routines and stick to them. Decide before hand who will give the equipment out, what doodling you will tolerate etc.
  4. Tell students beforehand of your expectations for no penis drawings and no swear words written on the back of the board. Saying at the start minimises the chance they will appear later on.
  5. When the boards are packed away, make sure it is you who collects them in so that you can check they are all clean in readiness for the next teacher.

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