Work life balance by @Shelleyrees001

Name: Shelley Rees
Twitter name: Shelleyrees001
Sector: Secondary
Subject taught (if applicable): English
Position: Director of English
What is your advice about? Work life balance

  1. Plan for ‘me time’ – do not consume your every spare minute with PPA… You need to be happy, healthy and fit to motivate students to learn.
  2. Join Twitter – be on top of your game and connect with some awesome practitioners who will inspire you, share outstanding resources and remind you on those tough days why you stepped into the profession.
  3. Discover great hash tags! #pedagoofriday and #poundlandpedagogy will provide you with oodles of superb ideas to engage your classes whilst ensuring that you don’t impact on your all-important ‘me time’
  4. Bookmark those all-important teaching blogs which will provide you with real-time examples of life on the classroom floor, invaluable advice on how to manage classes/workload/planning and inspire you with innovative teaching ideas.
  5. Invest in a learning library – whether hard copy or digital versions, buy into the latest research and publications. Never forget your role as a lifelong learner so that you keep on top of your (pedagogical) game!

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