Instructional design by @mrgsnapmaths

Name: Ben Gordon
Twitter name: @mrgsnapmaths
Sector: Secondary
Subject taught (if applicable): Maths
Position: Lead Practitioner
What is your advice about? Instructional design

  1. Practise explaining to small groups or colleagues. Think about breaking topics down into specific skills and allow students to practise these in isolation.
  2. Stream line explanations so that they are clear as possible and consider allowing students to read a question or text in silence then you verbally explain it in a different period of time
  3. Ensure you use a variety of examples that are carefully thought through that are minimally varied
  4. Think of the steps between the steps that we may take for granted and provide purposeful practice on these – I.e labelling base and perpendicular height of a triangle of different rotations
  5. Ensure your examples link to the task you are about to provide. Don’t use “bigger” numbers to make things more difficult – instead try to think of problems that involve inversing the process e.g find the total from the mean and number of values rather than just find the mean of 6 large numbers

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