Teaching “Literacy” in subjects other than English by @davowillz

Name: David Williams
Twitter name: @davowillz
Sector: Secondary
Subject taught (if applicable): English
Position: KS4 English Coordinator
What is your advice about? Teaching “Literacy” in subjects other than English.

  1. Teach your subject well. Really – it’s what you’re good at.
  2. Identify what pupils need to be better at in your subject in terms of reading, writing, speaking and listening. Seek advice if unsure, but one thing to improve is ideal.
  3. Teach pupils what they need to know to improve and find lots of opportunities for practice.
  4. DO NOT shoe horn in anything that is unnatural to your subject as that sort of thing will soon be abandoned.
  5. Test your teaching has been effective and tweak your approach if necessary.

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