Governance by @5N_Afzal

Name: Naureen Khalid
Twitter name: @5N_Afzal
Sector: Primary, Secondary
Position: Governor
What is your advice about? Governance

  1. Think about joining the GB as a staff governor.
  2. If you decide to go for it remember you are not the teachers’ representative.
  3. During meetings try and sit near other governors rather than the head or other staff governors.
  4. If you feel you cannot speak up in front of your head try and sit out of his/her line of vision.
  5. If you aren’t interested in joining the board, do try and read minutes of meetings which will give you an insight to what the GB does.

Understanding Governance in Your School by @iusher

Name: Ian Usher
Twitter name: @iusher (also @moderngovernor)
Sector: Primary,Secondary,FE,Special school
Subject taught (if applicable):
Position: Governor
What is your advice about? Understanding governance in your school

1: If you’re in a MAT or academy chain, understand how much say your local governing body has over how your school runs, and what powers are retained by the trust’s board.

2: Find out who is on your school’s governing board. In particular, find out who is a staff governor (besides the head) – talk to them to understand what the governing body does.

3: What difference the governing board has made recently-are they referred to in recent inspection reports? If not, read any available reports from your governing board.

4: Find out about your governors-your school is supposed to publish details of governors online, which should highlight which areas of school life governors are interested in.

5: If you want to impact the strategic direction of the school -become a staff governor! You can bring insight & knowledge & understanding of the school’s community to the board.