Union Reps by @Bigkid4

Name: None given
Twitter name: Bigkid4
Sector: Secondary
Subject taught (if applicable):
Position: Union representative
What is your advice about? Union reps

1: Join a union as soon as possible. Join the union with the most members in your school if you have no strong feelings about which union to join.

2: Go to your union rep to get advice and/or support as soon as possible. Do not wait for things to get serious.

3: Remember that being a union rep is at times stressful and time consuming. Your issue will not always be at the top of a rep’s priority list.

4: Attend union meetings as much as you can. Get to know the people you may depend on for support at some point in the future.

5: Union reps can only do so much. The strength of a union group comes from the unity and mutual support of its members.

Responding to the Culture Shock of State Education by @PrestonScience

Name: Ben Preston
Twitter name: @PrestonScience
Sector: Secondary
Subject taught (if applicable): Science
Position: Assistant Head of Science
What is your advice about? Responding to the culture shock of state education

1: Accept that things will be far from perfect in every school. And that includes yours – and your classroom!

2: Listen to experienced staff, even if at first you don’t like the sound of what you hear.

3: Look for better ways of doing things, and write it down for later. Try doing one new thing at a time, not aiming to change everything.

4: Shamelessly use other people’s ideas. Give them credit where it is due – many don’t realise how well they do things every day.

5: You and others WILL change and improve education: accept that it is a long game, and you may not see changes immediately. Be patient, keep at it.