Key Words (Not Just for English Teachers) by @Mcgillycuddy101

Name: Kelly McGillycuddy
Twitter name: @Mcgillycuddy101
Sector: Secondary
Subject taught (if applicable): English
Position: SLT
What is your advice about? Key words (not just for English teachers)

1: Write the word and share it in a full sentence – use sentence context to support meaning.

2: Pull the word apart by looking at the morphemes – use knowledge of other words here.

3: Pull the word apart looking at the etymology – where else have they heard that root word/suffix/prefix?

4: Link the word to lots of contexts including other subjects / life outside school.

5: Make sure students know how to pronounce the word in different contexts – they need to see. hear and say the word!

Questioning by @McGillycuddy101

Name: KMcGillycuddy
Twitter name: @McGillycuddy101
Sector: Secondary
Subject taught (if applicable): English
Position: SLT
What is your advice about? Questioning.

1: Plan 2 or 3 key questions in advance of the lesson as part of your planning.

2: Use questions as part of your differentiation. Think about questions for support / questions for challenge.

3: Allow students time to think/answer. Don’t let them get away with ‘dunno!’

4: Avoid asking generalised questions into the ether eg ‘Did you all get that?’

5: Make students explain, justify or exemplify the answer they have given.