Marking by @miss_trainee

Name: Anonymous
Twitter name: @miss_trainee
Sector: Secondary
Subject taught (if applicable): English
Position: NQT & Yr 7 Eng Curriculum Lead
What is your advice about? Marking

1: Keep on top of it! Little & often means it won’t turn into an impassable mountain.

2: Cycle through peer assessment, self assessment & teacher marking = you only mark 1/3.

3: Scaffold peer/self-assessment. Turn success criteria into tick boxes so students give meaningful advice.

4: Make sure they act on it! Anything that didn’t get a tick (above) in and “EBI” must be redrafted.

5: Don’t mark everything. Starters etc usually don’t need marking. Focus efforts on extended pieces.

Praise by @miss_trainee

Name: Miss Trainee
Twitter: @miss_trainee
Sector:  Secondary
Subject: English
Position: NQT and Year 7 English Lead
5 Bits of Advice About: Praise

  1. Make it accessible to all so it does not exclude the “naughty” kids or ignore the “good” kids.
  2. Make it regular so they can see the link between their actions and reward rather than it being haphazard.
  3. Try giving raffle tickets during discussions. Students get a ticket for contributing and then a winner is drawn for a lolly (for example).
  4. Loyalty stamps: 1 good piece of work gets a stamp, 5 stamps is a postcard home and the most in a term wins a prize.
  5. Do not take back rewards (e.g. raffles) if a student misbehaves. It can entrench their mindset that anything good they do is worthless.