Modelling Writing by Anonymous

Name: None given
Twitter: None given
Sector:  Primary
Subject: All subjects
Position: SLT
5 Bits of Advice About: Modelling Writing

  1. Model almost every piece of writing you want kids to do. It’s the simplest and most direct teaching method.
  2. Start by writing the first couple of sentences yourself (commenting on the grammatical features & referring to any success criteria you’ve given the children). Pitch it high.
  3. Then, give sentence openers and ask children to finish the sentence using partner talk. Then ask for particular types of sentence e.g. ‘Starting with Because…’ etc.
  4. Always try to model the entire section you want children to write – which might mean having a partially completed model already prepared, which you then finish.
  5. Read the model aloud as a class when it is finished, rub it off/hide it and set your children straight off to write.

Modelling by @ConorHeaven

Name: Conor Heaven
Twitter: @ConorHeaven
Sector:  Early Years / Primary
Subject: All subjects
Position: Middle Leader (Maths focus)
5 Bits of Advice About: Modelling

  1. If you want children to do something in their work or use a certain device or strategy, model it clearly.
  2. Act like they should by sounding out, going to get dictionary etc. You are modelling independence.
  3. Model the thought processes out loud. Talk in the way you would like them to think and act during a task.
  4. Unpick a really good example and discuss what makes it so good. This is modelling analysis and will help them internalise good strategies.
  5. Please, please model making mistakes and how to deal with this. Model that it is part of learning if you want them to treat it normally themselves.