Phone Calls to Parents by @perkins254

Name: Michelle Perkins
Twitter name: @perkins254
Sector: Secondary
Subject taught (if applicable): English
Position: classroom teacher
What is your advice about? Phone calls to parents regarding behaviour

1: Always start your conversation in a positive way – even if it really hurts!
E.g. ‘Xxxx is usually quite cooperative/focused/attentive, however…’

2: Link your concern to progress: a parent will never argue that they don’t want their child to do well.

3: Never compare the child you are talking about to another in the class: ‘if Xxxx behaved more like Xxxx…’ Remember parents talk to each other!

4: If a parent suggests that their child is mimicking another, tell the parent that you are trying to encourage their child to think for themselves!

5: Always end on a positive, with an offer to follow up in 2/3 weeks. This shows commitment to child’s progress and parents will respond positively.

Relationships with Parents by @perkins254

Name: Michelle Perkins
Twitter: @perkins254
Sector:  Secondary
Subject: English
Position: Teacher
5 Bits of Advice About: Relationships with parents

  1. Contact all parents of pupils you teach and form group to introduce yourself. Use group call or parent mail for speed – parents respond really well to this.
  2. Contact home for minor transgressions e.g lack of equipment etc. Really helps to prevent escalation and shows parent/pupil you have high standards.
  3. For more serious issues, contact parents by telephone and log call details (should be an option on sims).
  4. Invite parents for meetings to tackle difficult behaviour ASAP. Try to have another member of staff present.
  5. Contact parents (via email) to advise when pupils have done well in class, e.g xxxx has worked to improve … This helps to develop excellent home/school relationships.