Managing Your Managers II by @Miss_Wilsey

Name: Hannah Wilson
Twitter name: @Miss_Wilsey
Subject taught (if applicable):
Position: Vice Principal and SLE
What is your advice about? Managing your managers

1: Consider your SLT as your filters – they will protect you, defend you and stand by you. They will filter what goes up, and down, and around you to enable you to perform your role to the best of your abilities. Don’t think they are against you!

2: Communicate with them – your mentors, managers and leaders are human beings too, they were new teachers once, most of them will still teach. They too have lives outside of school. You do not always to talk school with them!  Don’t forget they are people too!

3: Ask for advice – pick their brains, if they don’t have the answers they will know who does, or where to find out more and they will point you in the right direction. Don’t assume they are too busy or aren’t interested!

4: Ask for help – if you have a student, a class, a parent or a colleague of you find tricky, ask them for strategies on how to improve the relationship. Invite them into your classroom. Don’t be embarrassed or fearful – take aadvantage of their intel!

5: Share your thoughts and ideas – most leaders are open to new thinking, new ways of seeing things or doing things. Don’t feel intimidated.

Managing Your Managers by Quirky Teacher

Name: Quirky Teacher
Twitter name:
Sector: Primary
Subject taught (if applicable): Everything
Position: Frontline teacher
What is your advice about? Managing your managers

1: Consider your SLT as service providers to help you get your job done: ask them to provide signposts to resources, tell them what you’d like them to focus on in observations.

2: Keep them updated, even if it’s bad news. They like to feel like they’re in control of everything, you see.

3: Show an interest in their career: predict your SLT needs by expressing curiosity about their experience and perspective. They want to feel important, you see.

4: Act confident: SLT are inclined to think that the minions below them are inherently sh*t. Mitigate this thought process; act like you know what you’re doing. Show no fear.

5: Listen appreciatively to their advice and words of wisdom, then just get on with your job anyway

Annoying SLT by Anonymous

Name: Anonymous
Twitter name:
Sector: Secondary
Subject taught (if applicable): Various
Position: teacher
What is your advice about? Annoying SLT

1: If they walk into your room, don’t allow them to slink round the sides. Stop and ask how you can help.

2: Meet all deadlines, but doing the minimum.

3: At data collection point, ensure all pupils have made one, and not more than one, sub level of progress.

4: Follow the behaviour policy, including the bits about escalation.

5: Teach no group work, mark efficiently without fads, ignore initiatives, and get good results.

Senior Leaders by @oldprimaryhead1

Name: Brian Walton
Twitter name: @oldprimaryhead1
Sector: Early Years, Primary, Secondary, Special school
Subject taught (if applicable):
Position: Headteacher
What is your advice about? Senior Leaders

1: Senior leaders have to make decisions for the whole school. Sometimes they can seem a little nuts in isolation.

2: Talk to your senior leaders and ask them to explain why a decision has been made. If they can’t answer be concerned.

3: It is VERY easy to criticise decisions you have not had to make. But if they don’t work let the senior leaders know why.

4: Some people just hate senior leaders. They are an easy target so try to have an open mind and let actions speak rather than history.

5: Aspire to do the SLT job better than you think it is being done. Be realistic about this.

SLT by @Cherrylkd

Name: Cherrylkd
Twitter: @Cherrylkd
Sector:  Special School
Subject: History
Position: Assistant Headteacher
5 Bits of Advice About: SLT

  1. SLT are not Gods in ivory towers. Do not be afraid of them. Ask their advice on teaching and forge a good relationship.
  2. Listen to the advice from SLT and take it on board. Tell them if they are causing you undue stress, they should help you.
  3. Invite SLT in to watch you teach. Get their requirements for observations right from the very start.
  4. If you think they may be wrong about something discuss it with them. They will appreciate your honesty and thoughts.
  5. Remember they are in charge of your career at the moment. Get their advice on appraisal targets to help structure your career.