Doing Supply When There Is No Work Left by @Juanofthefourty

Name: Jaun Ofthefourty
Twitter:  @Juanofthefourty
Sector:  Early Years, Primary
Position: Supply
5 Bits of Advice About: Doing supply when there is no work left

  1. Have something prepared (even just mentally) for every possible subject. It’s not fun having to improvise a day’s worth of engaging lessons.
  2. Use the walls and displays to give you ideas of what the children are learning. It will help your teaching feel relevant.
  3. Don’t plan anything that requires marking. Why add to your workload?
  4. Quizzes are brilliant. They’re easy to plan, build teamwork, test the children’s knowledge and they’re fun.
  5. Whatever you deliver, do it with confidence and conviction (faked, if necessary). Pupils are experts at reading body language and will pounce on any chink in your armor.

Supply Teaching by @TheModernMiss1

Name: The Modern Miss
Twitter name: TheModernMiss1
Sector: Supply
Subject taught (if applicable):
Position: Supply Teacher
What is your advice about? Supply Teaching

1: Although you may have been booked to cover a specific year or subject, accept that the job may change the moment you walk through the door. Art may well turn into Mandarin…

2: If the booking turns out to be radically different from the one you accepted on the phone, both the school and your agency will assure you it’s the fault of the other.

3: Find out where the staff room and the loo is the moment you arrive. At some point during the day you’ll need to find them, best to know from the start.

4: A lot of the children will think you aren’t ‘a real teacher’ as you’re doing supply. Some of the staff may think this too.

5: If the school is lovely, tell them you enjoyed it and let your agency know you’d be happy to go back. If it’s foul, remember you never have to set foot in there again!