How To Manage Your TA by Quirky Teacher

Name: Quirky Teacher
Sector:  Primary
Position: Teacher
5 Bits of Advice About: How to manage your TA

  1. Most importantly, let them know that you appreciate their help. Say ‘thank you’ every day.
  2. Keep your TA ‘in the loop’: give them the low-down from the staff meeting and a heads-up on imminent changes.
  3. Help your TA to feel important and needed: ask for their opinions, feedback and advice on the children.
  4. Skills permitting, give them opportunities to do group work with the eager, higher achieving pupils.
  5. Give them a dedicated little bit corner of work space to lay out their folders and pots of pens.

Managing Your Managers by Quirky Teacher

Name: Quirky Teacher
Twitter name:
Sector: Primary
Subject taught (if applicable): Everything
Position: Frontline teacher
What is your advice about? Managing your managers

1: Consider your SLT as service providers to help you get your job done: ask them to provide signposts to resources, tell them what you’d like them to focus on in observations.

2: Keep them updated, even if it’s bad news. They like to feel like they’re in control of everything, you see.

3: Show an interest in their career: predict your SLT needs by expressing curiosity about their experience and perspective. They want to feel important, you see.

4: Act confident: SLT are inclined to think that the minions below them are inherently sh*t. Mitigate this thought process; act like you know what you’re doing. Show no fear.

5: Listen appreciatively to their advice and words of wisdom, then just get on with your job anyway