Homework by Anonymous

Name: None given
Twitter: None given
Sector:  Secondary
Subject: None given
Position: Head of Department and Trainee Mentor
5 Bits of Advice About: Homework

  1. Make the homework task, the non-negotiables about it and the deadline very clear. Check if any SEN pupils need a printed instruction sheet & prep in advance.
  2. When explaining the deadline, make your expectations clear about what happens if someone is away on the day of the deadline & the consequences for poor/missing work.
  3. Ensure you follow through your warning about non-completion to the letter. Being firm and consistent with the first piece will mean fewer problems later.
  4. Before collecting in, re-state the non-negotiables, eg date and title, headings underlined etc. Give 2 mins for amendments! This will reduce your marking time.
  5. Be firm with those who submit a piece that’s not up to scratch – don’t be afraid to return work to be re-done. Check with your mentor if in doubt.

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