Beards by @ITeachRE

Name: Andy Lewis
Twitter name: iteachre
Sector: Secondary
Subject taught (if applicable): RE
Position: HoY 11 & 2nd in RE
What is your advice about? Beards

1: Clean shaven looks good AND beards look good. Unshaven or long stubble looks like you were out on the beer the night before.

2: Set aside a beard growing period. You want to return with something well-established, not something laughable. Summer holidays are a great time for this project.

3: 6th formers usually don’t have full beards. It’s still easy enough to tell them off for being unshaven.

4: Check your beard like you check your flies. Food in your beard won’t get forgotten easily, Mr Twit.

5: Growing a beard, losing a beard, changing a beard… 5mins of your first lesson with each class WILL be lost. Plan for it.


4 thoughts on “Beards by @ITeachRE

  1. Jonny Walker

    Sage words on a most crucial topic Andy. I often have a sense of Beard Dysmorphia whereby I think I am rocking an Aslan when actually I look like a piece of ham dropped onto the floor of an unswept barbershop.


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