The Pub by @ITeachRE

Name: Andy Lewis
Twitter name: iteachre
Sector: Secondary
Subject taught (if applicable): RE
Position: HoY 11 & 2nd i/c RE
What is your advice about? The Pub

1: If colleagues go to the pub at the end of the week, try to pop along. It’s a nice way to unwind and get to know colleagues outside of school plus build up extra support.

2: Avoid talking about the students, especially by name. It could be a parent, or an aunt, or indeed anyone, sat on the next table.

3: Don’t complain about, or slag off, colleagues. You have no idea what friendships or alliances exist outside of schools.

4: Do not buy the first round of Jaegerbombs; especially pre-5pm. Control your drinking; your new colleagues won’t forget a drunken liability.

5: Don’t be as stingy as many teachers are. Buy a round, let people get you one back next time.


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