Writing a job application by @shinpad1

Name: Sinead
Twitter name: @shinpad1
Sector: Primary
Subject taught (if applicable):
Position: Deputy and class teacher
What is your advice about? Writing a job application

  1. Write your application tailored to the school you’re applying to. Don’t use the same unchanged personal statement for every job. It’s unimpressive and a bit insulting.
  2. Give real examples of what you’ve done in your classroom(s) on training. It shouldn’t sound like you’ve once read a book about teaching; your aim is to give genuine examples.
  3. It is good to have ambitious aims for your 1st job so by all means describe inspiring children, but also discuss real progress yr pupils have made & things you’ve taught them
  4. Paying attention to the job spec is a bit like reading exam questions carefully. Tailor your application to the things the school want; otherwise you’ll lose marks (really).
  5. Sound like you are looking forward to becoming a real teacher because, honestly, if you can’t muster the energy to write a good application, you don’t have the energy to teach

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